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03 - Description of Shapes library


03 - Description of Shapes library

The shapes library to include in the software contains 9 parameterizable basic shapes.

Each shape is described by:

A name
This name is used to identify the shape in everyday language. This name is not necessarily the scientific name of the shape.
A path in the EMAO workshop
If you want to do manual testing on changes of the parameters. Create an account to access the shapes and follow the path.
An identifier
Identify the shape into EMAO workshop. It is this identifier that will be used in the software's javascript.
An icon without measurement
This is the icon associated with the shape. You can reuse it in your software.
An icon with measurement
It is the icon that represents the parameters associated with the shape. It is imperative to respect this measurement to size the shape in your interface. Otherwise, you have to go through intermediate calculations to give good values ​​to javascript. Is this really what you want?

You can reuse it in your software.
A table of relationships between dimensions and forms parameters
Dimensions, to be as simple as possible, are referred by letters. These letters are internally related to variables that will always be ​​used associated with their values to send them to javascript.
A 3D view
Given for information, with link to the site 3dvia if you want to reuse.
A pattern
Given for pleasure, if you want to make the corresponding shape.
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The notebook section provides a way for you to store and share information with your group members. With the book feature you can:

  • Add book pages and organize them hierarchically into different books.
  • Attach files to pages to share them with others.
  • Track changes that others have made and revert changes as necessary.
  • Archive books that are no longer of interest to the group. Archived books can be reactivated later if needed.